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Services during the Pandemic

Posted on March 31st, 2021

Dear Patient,

Since the Covid pandemic,  the practice has invested in improving the ways we can contact our patients.

We are still visiting patients at home. This continues to be done following telephone assessment. Where appropriate we can arrange visiting by district nurses, paramedics, doctors and other services.

We are still seeing patients in the surgery. During the pandemic, these appointments have been arranged following telephone assessment by a doctor. This is done to reduce the risk of infection to other patients and our practice staff. We plan to continue with this system of telephone assessment. In addition patients who have smart phones, may also be seen remotely using a video app; The practice has also developed a system to allow doctors to see requested photographs where appropriate.

Many patients have found these improved ways of contacting a doctor a better system than having to take time off from their day and wait in a crowded waiting room.

Practice nurses and health care assistants continue to see patients in the surgery, for vaccinations, smears, taking bloods and all their usual services.

Thank you