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Hampton Medical Centre, Lansdowne, 49a Priory Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2PB

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Telephone: Contact No: 020 8979 5150

E: admin.hamptonmedicalcentre@nhs.net


Prescriptions Requests and Medication Reviews

Prescription Requests: You can now order your prescription using  the NHS app, You can also get access to your medical notes and importantly your Covid passport on this app.

We aim to deal with all medication requests within 2 working days. Please note that if there is a query regarding your request it may take us a little longer to process it.

We are unable to prescribe over-the-counter medication on the prescription or issue more than the usual dose without clinical indication.

Prescriptions are not available to be collected during our Extended Hours clinics.


Medication Reviews: You can now  request a medication review using the email address: admin.hamptonmedicalcentre@nhs.net

Please REMEMBER that all requests should include:

  • your name, surname & date of birth
  • names of medication required.








Hampton Medical Centre offers patients the convenience of having their repeat medication issued without being seen by a doctor, and ready to pick up, usually within two working days.

Please note, that in order to keep things simple, and avoid misplaced re-order forms or prescriptions, patients need to be aware of the following:

  • If you hand in a request for medication into Hampton Medical Centre, the signed prescription will need to be picked up from Hampton Medical Centre.
  • If you hand in your re-order form to your local pharmacy, it should be picked up from there. This will usually take more than 2 working days.

Patients can also now order repeat prescriptions online via the link at the top of this page. First time users are required to complete a simple registration. To avoid errors prescription requests will not be taken over the phone.

Prescriptions must be collected during the week – Monday to Friday only! If you are ringing for a prescription query please ring after 10.0 am. If you have requested a new item or changed dosage, please ring the next day to check if your new item is accepted by the doctor.

However you can sign up for Electronic Prescription Service [ EPS ] where you nominate a pharmacy of your choice [ this is done by your chosen pharmacy ] there by the prescriptions go straight to the pharmacy electronically.

Your must see a doctor if you need to have your repeat prescription renewed.

With all medications and items needed for optimal everyday health, please ensure that you plan ahead, so that if your medication is due to run out soon, you must send in a re-order form, or book an appointment to see a GP to have your prescription updated. Please allow plenty of time before you run-out of your medication!

Pharmacists & Reviews

You may be able to collect your medicine straight from the pharmacy every month if your condition is stable and your medicines stay the same.

You may be able to save time when ordering your prescription, by ordering between 3-12 months supplies from your GP and picking up monthly supplies from your regular pharmacy. You will still be able to see your doctor or nurse when you need to.

In time your GP or pharmacist will be able to ensure that you have an equal supply of all your medicines, meaning that you finish them all at the same time. Your GP or pharmacist will be able to review the medicines that you take on a more regular basis. This will mean that you do not take medicines that you no longer need and wastage will be reduced considerably. If your medication is changed, less medicine will need to be thrown away.

If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your pharmacist or GP.

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